Unfortunately, this is goodbye!

To all the friends that we've made, to all the connections that have lasted almost five years, and to all the memories you may have forgotten since the beginning of Anime Tavern (Anime and Manga Club) in 2014, this is the signal of healthy goodbyes.

Anime Tavern began as an ambitious project to modernize and centralize the anime social media community into one hub. However, the project was much too large for one person and as such left many features unfinished or yet to be started.

Our main source of life was our live web chat feature which allowed for a generous amount of customization and was the central start of many friendships, hatredships, love lives, battles, and presidential elections.

In the recent months, Anime Tavern has gone from its most active and visited to a forgotten wild-west. Instead of letting its lifeless body drag on, it has been decided to finally put it to rest.

Until the end-of-life for our web servers, please contact support@animetavern.com with any questions.

Image by Blade day - Pixiv